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About us.

We are Jack and Jess, a team of two professional photographers based in East London. We specialise in high-end interior and architectural photography as well as property marketing services including visual tours, videos and floor plans. Our bespoke service is tailored to your requirements so whether you’re a homeowner looking to market your property or an interior designer endeavouring to build a portfolio, we welcome you to get in touch. 

With our breadth of experience in the art of photography, we offer a state-of-the-art service that considers every detail of your photoshoot, right down to the kind of lighting that would best suit your space. Using the latest technology, we can predict where the light will be in a property during the course of a day and using this information we are able to offer you a time slot which will give your space the highest chance of being presented in its best light.

Before our visit, we provide our clients with guidelines on how best to prepare their space so that on arrival we can focus on surveying the space for its defining features and working meticulously in order to capture the angles that most enhance them. We also offer a free video consultation to help you curate your home if more intensive preparation is required.




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